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In Wisconsin

This Is Bullying!

Summer in Wisconsin. Farmers' markets, baseball games, family picnics, gardening, and sunshine. unfortunately, summer in Wisconsin also means pig wrestling. Pig wrestling should be an embarrassment to Wisconsin. It encourages our children to be cruel to animals.

During these events, four-person teams chase a pig around a small muddy pit. They attempt to either stuff her into a barrel or force her onto a small platform before their time runs out.

Alliance For Animals and the Environment

This site is brought to you by Alliance For Animals and the Environment (AFAE), Wisconsin's voice for animals since 1983.

AFAE has notified Wisconsin pig wrestlilng organizers and expressed concerns regarding their events. Since we published this website, at least ten county fairs have eliminated pig wrestling from their schedule. But they still exist in a number of locations througout the state. We are deeply concerned about the illegality of these events and the threat they pose to animals, participants, and spectators.

The fear the pigs experience can cause them to urinate or deficate out of sheer terror while being chased and wrestled.

Unfortunately, this cruelty happens throughout Wiesonsin every summer. Pig wrestling is featured at county fairs and fundraising events throughout Wisconsin.

Please browse this website and educate yourself about pig wrestling and make it a summer resolution to put an end to this display of man's inhumanity.

We are better than this.


 "It must be true that the people involved do not intend to harm the pigs, there is little question that not only physical harm, but also emotional harm will occur. Pigs are what are known as "prey" animals and instinctively fear being chased by those who they would consider predators. The pigs would not know the intentions of the people and would react, internally and externally, as if a predator was chasing them." Nedim C. Buyukmihci, VMD, Emeritus Professor of Veterinary medicine, University of California, Davis


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